Leg Workout

Leg Workout Light jog in place (Thirty seconds) High knee march (Thirty seconds and make sure to get your knee above waist level) Side stretch - (Put both arms straight over your head and then lean to the side while trying to keep your arms straight and hold for 5 - 10 seconds, do this for both sides 2 or 3 times) Single leg stretch - (Stand up straight, lift and grab one ankle behind your back, pulling up to stretch.

Low Impact Workout

Workout Neck stretches (Gently push your chin down and to left and hold for 10 seconds, repeat on the right side, do this 2-3 times for each side) Shoulder rolls (Roll your shoulders up and back into a rolling motion for 20 - 30 seconds, you’ll be doing a backwards complete circle repeatedly) Arm stretches (15 seconds each. First, stretch each arm straight across your chest and hold it there with other arm.